Gloss black vinyl wrap (30cm x 152cm)




  • Item Name: Gloss Black vinyl wrap; Material: Rubber; Color: Gloss black; Size: 1500 x 300 mm Adhesive back;Water resistant; Interior/Exterior use; stable for 3-4 years durability
  • No Bubbles: Our Gloss Black wraps have a self adhesive back with air channels air can escape during applicationbetter posted. effectlooks special and low-key.
  • The Gloss Black wrap remove and re-apply without losing adhesion and won’t leave glue can be stretched when heat is applied. Can be trim & cut to any shape mask small scratches
  • The Gloss Black vinyl wrap can be used in flat or curved surfaces.Fit for DIY cars motorcycles mobile devices spoilers dashboard interior accessories glass metal etc. Protect paint
  • Please watch some videos before applying This has a mild difficulty level and practice is advised we can not take responsibility for application error it is malleable and quite easy to learn