FOROREH Car Autofoils Sound Foil 42pcs, Lacquer Foil Set Vinyl Wraps Tool Micro Rakel Filleted Piping Film Cutter Magnetic Working Glove 9mm Cutter with Cutter


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  • Professional Autofoil tool for whole car foil process and sound foil installation. Incl. Work gloves felt cap self-adhesive felt micro rake cutter knife orange foil cutter stainless steel cutter
  • Magnetic ageing with extremely strong magnetism fastens the automotive foil and relieves your hand freely. In addition as the round magnetic ageing is covered by tissue the surface is not scratched
  • Three Micro Rakels with different hardness can help you insert the film in the gap edge order small place and paste it in.
  • Orange film cutters for foil cut safety and cutter knives are available 30-degree replacement blades and 45-degree blade for precise cuts of foils.
  • This auto-foil tool can be used for autofoils glue lacquer foil glue window foils glue background image glue sticker glue etc.