Ewrap Vinyl Wrap Tools Set, Window Tint Kit, Narrow Edge Wrapping Tools Vinyl Application Tools Includes Wrap Sticks Set, Felt Squeegee, Trim Tools


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  • Professional vinyl wrap tool kit Complete edges/corners wrapping and finishing details. Make auto vinyl wrap window tinting window film installation easier and better!
  • Steps to Wrap Edges: ①Put adhesive vinyl on the edge of the vehicle part and leave extra 1-2cm length of vinyl; ②Select the appropriate trimming squeegee tool insert the extra vinyl into tiny gap; ③Slowing sliding the squeegee along the edges to stick the extra vinyl on the back of vehicle part.
  • Felt Edge Squeegee: Use the vinyl wrap scraper to squeegee out the air bubbles. With the protection of soft fabric felt scratches and marks will not leave on surface of self adhesive vinyl/film.
  • Utility Trimming Tools: Get the size and shape of the film vinyl accurately or trim extra vinyl at the edges. It can maintain sharp by snap-off the the blunt part.
  • Safety Wrapping Paper Trimming Tools: The trim part is hidden inside which will prevent injuries. You can slide the button to change the trim replacement. It can keep using by changing trimming corners!