Car Rearview Mirror Protective Films,Waterproof Film Anti-Fog Film Wing Mirror Rain Deflector Film,Side Windows Protective Film For Cars/Trucks/Wing Mirror 4PCS


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  • Rainproof Film — Made of PET material and Nano-coating water droplets can spread quickly no dew condensation and good transparency ensure you clear vision and safe driving can prevent strong light reflection reduce dazzle light relax visual fatigue see more clearly even for strong light at night.
  • Keep Safe When Driving — This car rearview mirror film has 2 PET protective film and 1 Nano-adhesive layer Nano coating protective film has good transmittance anti-fog anti-glare waterproof rainproof and other functions providing you with security and clear vision.
  • Easy To Install — Just take a few minutes to install it to your rearview mirror directly come with installing tool kits please use the clean cloth in the package to clean the dust and dirt of the mirror and sprinkles some water or spray some alcohol before applying the rearview mirror film use the scraper to clean the water and air inside when applying the film avoiding bubble appearance.
  • Great Viscosity — With high waterproof and rainproof performance it still fix on your mirror and window after heavy rain. Don’t worry about dropping with the rainproof films in terrible weather. Prevent your rearview mirrors from dirty and blurring avoid some dangers.
  • Wide Applications — Designed anti-fog rearview mirror protective film for most car rearview mirrors such as cars buses off-road vehicles taxis trucks trailers motors motorcycles and so onkeeps your driving safe during rainy or foggy days.It is also suitable for bathrooms mirrors Makeup mirror and other glass.