Car Hub Protection Ring, 16-20Inch Wheel Edge Ring Trims Car Accessories, Alloy Wheel Edge Ring Rim Protectors Tyres Tire Guard, Rimblade Tire Guard, White


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  • 【Design】: Car Wheel Rim Protector Considering practicality and beauty. Appearance Upgradevisually reduce the height of the vehicle body highlighting the sporty style Protect the wheel hub from scratches. Can be used as decor strip making your car cooler and unique.
  • 【Strong Impact Resistance】: Car Wheel Rim Protector Nylon Fiber Materialsafety and environmental protection toughness and durability. Effectively protect the wheel hub and avoid high repair costs. Protection and a new look for your rims Maximum protection and long-term durability Easy to apply
  • 【Installation Method】: Disassemble the tire vent the tire place the wheel protection ring then fill the tire with air and install the tire. Here is the installation video.
  • 【Applicable Model】: Car Wheel Rim Protectors For All Car Models it can provide more colors while meeting the size requirements of each customer.
  • 【Dupont Nylon Fiber Material】: Tire Rim Guard safety and environmental protection strong impact resistance toughness and durability.