BAIRFAR Car Autofoils Sound Foil 63pcs,Vinyl Wrap Application Tool Kit,Window Tinting Kit for Applying Self Adhesive Window Decal Stickers


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  • šŸ› Lacquer Foil Set:Professional Autofoil tool for whole car foil process and sound foil installation. Incl. help you on wallpaper application vinyl wrap window tint or glass film.
  • šŸ› Black holder and scraper are magneticextremely strong magnetism fastens the automotive foil and relieves your hand freely. In addition as the round magnetic ageing is covered by tissue the surface is not scratched.
  • šŸ› Package Includesļ¼šBlack wool paste*10 pieces ordinary scraper*2 side magnetic scraper*1 black carving knife*1 carving knife blade*1 box (10 pieces) plastic spatula*1 double Head crochet needle*1 orange paper knife*1 scraper*2 pieces 10: spatula replacement head*5 pieces scraping pen*3 12: spatula*1 silver utility knife*1 Blade 1 box (10 pieces) 15: black holder * 2 16: gloves * 1 pair green cutting film line * 1.
  • šŸ› Safety cutting:Equipped with hidden cutting parts it will ensure the safety of your hands. The ergonomic size will make you feel comfortable when applying wallpaper
  • šŸ› This auto-foil tool can be used for autofoils gluecar vinyl packaging car film glass film sticker glue dvertising film decal and wallpaper installation etc.