Baby On Board Sign for Car – Ideal Stickers – 4 Pack, 5″ by 5″ – Bright Yellow and See-Through When Reversing – Best Safety Signs – No Need for Suction Cup or Magnets – Durable and Strong Adhesive


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  • ⭐ IDEAL SIGNAGE FOR: All kinds of vehicles which will be used to carry small kids and young babies. The baby on board badge promotes AWARENESS and SAFETY which is in line with the US Department of Transportation guidelines for warning signs to best alert motorists around you that there is an infant or child on board.
  • ⭐ SEE-THROUGH & HIGHLY VISIBLE: As Always Parents SAFETY FIRST! Our conventional baby on board stickers are bright yellow making them highly visible but better yet they are also SEE-THROUGH from the inside of the car making reversing and looking in your rear view mirror safe and easy without obscuring your view. This is done by manufacturing small perforated holes onto the sticker while from the outside the yellow will become predominant against the car window once applied.
  • ⭐ GUARANTEED TO STAY ON: The waterproof sticker uses strong adhesive to ensure it won’t peel off your car window and it’s built to endure all weather conditions. Since it is applied on the outside of the car it can be used with TINTED WINDOWS unlike signs with suction cups which also lose suction and lack longevity while magnetic signs risk damage to paintwork making our baby car stickers the perfect baby on board car signs and newborn must haves.
  • ⭐ EASE OF USE AND LOW MAINTENANCE: Firstly clean down the area of glass where the sticker will be applied to ensure it is free from dust. Then peel the sticker label off and apply it firmly. It’s that simple! Once applied no more maintenance is required. For maximum effectiveness it’s best to apply the sticker to the back window or both of the side windows.
  • ⭐ LIFETIME WARRANTY: TEST THEM AND YOU WILL LOVE THEM. If for any reason you don’t we offer a replacement for free at any time no questions asked + 30-day money-back guarantee. Lastly enjoy the stickers safe driving to you and your toddlers and thank you for choosing Assured Signs. 🙂