Autoglym All Purpose Cleaner, 1L, For Exterior and Interior Car Care, Trigger Spray Application, Car Interior Cleaner, Wheel Cleaner, Car Upholstery Cleaner, Car Cleaner


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  • Use as car cleaner or alloy car wheel cleaner to pre-soak prior to hand wash with car shampoo to soften the tough dirt or soiling
  • The spray application makes it Ideal to clean those difficult to reach places such as door seals boot shuts fuel caps grill and window seal algae
  • Cuts through grease and grime effectively lifting everyday dirt and stains with ease
  • Safe to use on all interior and external surfaces of your car with no damage or discolouration – A truly multi purpose cleaner to add to your car cleaning routine
  • For car interior cleaner or car carpet cleaner we advice to use as deep clean once or twice a year to tackle those stubborn stains from mud coffee and leaves a fresh orange zest fragrance For regular interior cleaning we advise Autoglym Interior Shampoo