Autobead Alloy Wheel Cleaner 500ml Non Acidic Rim Cleaning Dirt Remover Spray


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  • 💦 Effortless Deep Cleaning: Dive into a hassle-free cleaning experience with Autobead Alloy Wheel Cleaner which powerfully dissolves road dirt and brake dust from your alloys. The potent formula makes breaking down stubborn build-up a breeze revealing spotlessly clean wheels in no time.
  • 🚗 Tailored for Alloy Wheels: Precision is key! Our Autobead Alloy Cleaner is scientifically crafted for the sole purpose of keeping your alloy wheels immaculate. Unlike generic cleaners this marvel works relentlessly to banish dirt and grime specifically from alloy surfaces.
  • 💪 Guard Your Precious Wheels: Rest easy knowing that the Autobead Alloy Wheel Cleaner is your wheels’ best defense. Being non-acidic it’s gentle yet formidable – the perfect ally for all wheel types including center caps and wheel trims safeguarding their pristine condition.
  • ✨ Achieve the Showroom Sheen: Couple your clean wheels with our Autobead Tyre Dressing for an unmatched finish. Once the cleaner renders your wheels and tires spotless the dressing ensures a stellar final touch making heads turn at your car’s renewed elegance.
  • 📏 Generous 500ml Spray Bottle: Get your hands on this amply-sized 500ml spray bottle of Autobead Alloy Wheel Cleaner. It’s not just about quantity; every drop is a blend of meticulous care and premium ingredients designed to keep your car’s wheels looking brand new.