AUERVO Fully Magnetic Red L Plates 2 Pack and Green P Plates 2 Pack Learner Plates for Car Magnetic Extra Thick Strong Learner Sticker for New Drivers, Perfect for Driving Security


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  • 2L+2P Set: Perfect choice for new provisional drivers motorcyclists and mopeds which is economy & convenient as well.
  • Extra Thick Strong Magnet: Made from 0.6mm MAGNETS thicker than other learner plates to prevent being blown off. Imagine flying down the highway and these plates firmly sticking to your bonnet. They will not fly off or your money back.
  • Waterproof & Durable: These Learner plates will last years. They are easily removable and reusable and won’t scratch your car.
  • Government Approved: Contains 2 L and 2 P Government Approved regulation size magnetic L & P plates to stay compliant with UK road rules.
  • Warning: Long-term adsorption of the magnet on the surface of the Car Paint will cause damage to the paintwork such us may change the colour of the paintwork. So it is best to remove the plates when not driving.