ASENDIWAY Chameleon Window Tint Film for Cars, Car Window Tint Dark Blue Solar Protection Film Scratch Resistant 65% VLT Windshield Sun Shade Heat & UV Block


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  • This chameleon car window tint is made by PVC vinyl. it can be cut for many application such as window tinting and car tinting. 1.8 Mil Thickness Premium 1PLY Film
  • Water resistantweather proof and UV protected. Scratch Resistant Strengthened glass is stressed effectively reducing the possibility of glass being scratched and broken. car window film can block the strong glare of the headlights of the opposite car.
  • Heat & UV Block: The car solar film 99% UV Rejection with excellent heat Resistance avoid high temperature in the car reduce the use of air conditioners and save fuel. The chameleon color is stable durable and beautiful.
  • Insulation: 50% heat rejectionenergy savingThe car film can effectively block most of the UV create a comfortable drivingstop broken glass from fadingprotect your skin.
  • Film Shade: 60% VLT Purple Blue driving the car will not be affected because the outer film of dazzling color high-definition viewing angle experience Smooth Signal and Convenient Driving. Easy to installation