AIRFreshh Savage 500ml Designer Inspired Cologne Turbojet Car Air Freshener – Dry Mist Air Sanitiser, Neutralise Smells Anywhere


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  • POWERFUL FRAGRANCE: Savage car scents are must-have car accessories with a perfect solution for those who crave a bold and powerful fragrance experience! Our scents are designed to transform air Odour-less with their new aromatic scent.
  • LONG LASTING: Crafted with all Natural ingredients of the highest quality Savage turbojet air sanitiser provides a long-lasting and potent fragrance experience removing any odour within seconds and keeping the environment fresh for hours.
  • DRIVE PROUD: Show off your latest Savage car air fresheners for men from AIRFreshh. Subtle and not overpowering. Impress those who enter your car van office or room just through a sudden whiff of high-end perfume or cologne.
  • SAVE SPACE: Innovative and Compact design of car fresheners won’t take up too much space allowing you to enjoy the Savage signature scent of our car air fresheners for women without any clutter.
  • HOW TO USE: AIRFreshh’s Savage car air freshner is propellant gas and aerosol free. Simply spray the car air freshener two times pointing upwards. Wait 5 minutes for it to act and then air the room.