Aihomego,44.5 x 200CM,HMG-011 Privacy Black Window Film, Non-Adhesive Glass Film Blackout Dark Window Tinting Film, Blackout Frosted Glass Window Sticker, Privacy Window film, For Bedroom, Office, Car


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  • 【100% Black and Light Blocking】 Our Black Window Film can block nearly 100% of visible light. When applied even if it’s daytime outside it makes your room look as dark as night. The blackout effect is 2 times higher than that of blackout curtains and blinds making it perfect for light-sensitive people and workplace elites who work at night and perfect for home theaters.
  • 【The Most Professional Privacy Guard】 Unprecedented privacy protection. It is dark from outside and you can’t see any information inside you don’t even need to install curtains you and your family can play and sleep indoors without worrying about being peeped at in your daily life.
  • 【Protect Your Windows and Furniture】 With high-quality toughness PET material compared to bare windows or curtains the protection of windows is stronger. After being attached it completely blocks the UV rays of the strong outdoor light. Prevent the furniture in the room from being aged cracked or faded by direct sunlight. Extends the service life of the furniture.
  • 【Care Family Health】 This Black Window Film can reflect nearly 90% of UVA and 99% of UVB. Effectively blocking UV rays and protecting you and your family from sun damage to your skin and saving you money on cooling costs by blocking light and heat during the summer.
  • 【Easy to Install & Tear Off Without Leaving Marks】 The unique electrostatic glue-free design allows the film to be quickly applied to the window. When you are using simply spraying a generous amount of soapy water on the window and then can finish the installation with no air bubbles or warped edges just in a matter of minutes. Even if you peel the film off it will not leave any marks.