2 PCS Baby on Board Sign for Car,Baby on Board with Suction Cups Lion Giraffe Pattern Baby on Board Sticker Safety Warning Baby on Board Sign Child on Board Car Sign for Car Warning




  • 【High Quality】The baby on board sign for car is made of high quality PP materialwaterproof and durablewill not meltdeform or fade in sunlightdurable
  • 【Convenient and practical】 First of allclean the glass area where the sticker will be attached to ensure that it is free of dust paste the suction cup and squeeze out the air then the baby on board sign can be firmly fixed on the window
  • 【Leave no traces】Baby on board stickers are different from warning stickers that leave unsightly residues when peeled off there is no glue so our signs will not leave stains and sticky residues on the glassjust scrape gently when peeling off Go to the edge of the stickerthen it can be easily peeled off
  • 【Durable Suction Cup】The sturdy suction cup sticks firmly to your car the suction cup has good adhesion and can be reused the baby on board car sign will not leave any marks on the car
  • 【Obvious and eye-catching】Child on board car sign bright yellow background color cute animal pattern design the logo is large and bright eye-catchingreminding drivers around you that there are babies or children in the car to reduce the horn sound and let others The driver keeps your distance from your carmaking your and your baby’s commute saferfor a variety of vehicles with small children and toddlers